Noise From Expressway A Burden To Residents

The recently finished Kapiti expressway worth $630 million is currently a burden to those residents living close to it thus they are demanding that a wall should be built as a barrier from the 18 kilometers highway. One of the residents blocked their windows to block out noise because they can barely get a good night’s sleep.

According to the New Zealand Transport Agency, their measurement revealed that the noise level in the expressway is within the limit but they promised to monitor the situation after complaints from the residents.

Nick Fisher, one of the residents living in Rata Road in Raumati, said that his home is located about 100 meters from the expressway. He said that the agency should find a permanent solution to the problem because his family is not getting proper sleep ever since the operation of the expressway.

They are calling for a wall to be built on both side of the road to provide relief to residents surrounding the area. He stated that the government was able to allot $630 million for the project so it will not be a problem to spend more in order to aid residents that are living close to it.

Fisher, along with a number of residents that are affected by the noise pollution, has already created an action group that will require the NZTA to start the remedial project that will address the issue.

The group is called Expressway Alliance and in their recent meeting, there are about 50 people who came to attend and express their disappointments. Fisher said that the noise is not tolerable especially during nighttime. The noise is mainly coming from trucks that are using the road.

The agency stood by their consents that the level should reach more than 57 decibels before the residents can claim that they are affected by the noise pollution. Despite the efforts of the residents to cover doors and windowsto block out noise, it is still affecting their daily life as well as their wellbeing as a community living close to the expressway.