Ohio Is 11th Among The Best States To Start A Small Business

Even if the business is a corner coffee shop, it is required to obtain an Ohio tax ID that will be used when paying business taxes, state income tax and sales tax for items that will be sold. The tax ID will be required when acquiring business license, when opening a bank account for the business and during the application for financing.

Small businesses are considered as the backbone of communities because they stimulate the economy and provide employment for individuals. However, success of a business is not purely based on chance because it requires years of diligent saving, responsible spending and business-friendly initiatives. The economic outlook of Ohio is relatively healthy and expected to get better because small businesses continue to expand and make a strong impact on communities.

In 2017, Chief Executive Magazine reported that Ohio is the 11th best state to in the United States for business. This accomplishment is very significant because 2 years ago, Ohio was listed as 22nd. According to the Secretary of State, this was a remarkable feat for Ohio particularly since 2017 was also a record-breaking year for new business filings.

Since 2011, the House Republicans have made the effort to solve the $8 billion budget deficit. Predictable tax structure and policies that will help reduce the employment rate have been encouraged. A lot of efforts were invested towards the creation of more than 48,000 jobs in the private sector. Aside from the aforementioned achievements, the House was also able to pass legislation to improve economic environment so that out-of-state companies can efficiently start a new business.

To encourage businesses, filing fees that are associated with new small businesses were reduced by 21% from $125 to $99. Income tax deductions on the first $250,000 of business income allowed businesses to keep more of their hard earned money that they can reinvest in the business to create new jobs.

In most cases, it is useful to apply for Ohio tax ID while planning for the business to facilitate the application for licenses, business checking accounts and financing. Aside from the state level tax ID, a business is also required to obtain EIN as business identification for taxation purposes.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business