Dining In Class When In Bangkok

In Thailand, food and fashion are the perfect match. It is not surprising that a number of top designers in the country decided to devote their talent into the kitchen after conquering the catwalk. One good example is Bhanu Inkawat who started Greyhound. Another example is Polpat Asavaprapa who is known as Asava’s founder as well as designer. He is currently busy with his restaurant called Sava Dining which was launched in 2016 in EmQuartier. Ever since the launch, it has gathered the attention of people who are hoping to dine in class. This is also the go-to place of VIPs at a hotel near EmQuartier because it is the best place to dress up and dine.

The restaurant can be found inside the Helix Building on the sixth level. The Sava Dining Restaurant represents the fashion brand of the owner with its blue and navy color theme. The passion of the owner is evident because classic elements are mixed with the latest trends. This was attested by Polpat because according to him he is the same way either planning for his restaurant or creating a new design for his Asava clothing line.

Polpat said that it is his aim to give the restaurant a luxurious vibe and surprise the diners with the comfort food served. In terms of fashion, he admitted that he is not fond of showy designs while in food he is more inclined with those thatare authentic tasting. He describes his restaurant as simple yet not that easy and their signature which is the element of fascination is ever present.

He shared their dish of the year which is the Sen Yai Pad Kua Kling worth 320 baht. This is a tribute to Thais who love noodles and for him who is also fond of noodles. The dish is made with a homemade spicy sauce using chili local and foreign spices.

Locals and tourists at a hotel near EmQuartier should not miss visiting Sava Dining. One of the restaurant’s best seller dishes is the roasted lamb worth 850 baht. Their salad known as the Sava Dining Tuna Salad worth 290 baht is also worth trying.


Swim Spas Inspired By Michael Phelps

Master Spas released signature swim spas last year with inspiration from Michael Phelps. The Olympian received a total of 23 gold medals in his entire career. He helped create the new signature swim spas by Master Spas along with Bob Bowman, his coach. The spas are just like any portable spas in Sydney because these are ideal to be used in training, aquatic therapy, swimming and fitness programs.

According to the CEO of Master Spas, the signature swim spas by Michael Phelps have hydrotherapy benefits. 90 per cent of the swimmer’s stress is eliminated with the help of the water’s buoyancy. The stress is mainly due to land exercises performed by the body. If a person underwent surgery for back, knee or hip, this signature swim spas are ideal for recovery. The swim spas are equipped with powerful therapy jets that ease pains and aches. The standing therapy cove, on the other hand, provides therapy to places that are not easily reached like legs, hips and lower back.

The company introduced to Michael Phelps and his coach, Bob Bowman, the swim spas and right from the beginning they loved using the Wave Propulsion System. The tandem also loves the fact that it can be adjusted with the help of the SwimNumber System. Michael is quite tall as an athlete thus his swim area requires to be deep and long to accommodate his size. The company was also challenged to adjust the Wave Propulsion System to increase its speed by 40 per cent. In the end, after numerous tweaks and changes, the signature swim spa by Michael Phelps was created.

The following year the company installed a signature swim spa in Baltimore where Phelp’s training centre is located. The system comes complete with underwater camera. That way they can train everyday using the signature swim spa. According to Michael, he was able to achieve the perfect freestyle stroke with the help of the swim spa.

Young athletes wanting to swim in the Olympics should find local portable spas in Sydney so they can train every day until they reach their goal to become the next Michael Phelps.

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3 Things To Do After Pest Control In Sydney

Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, termites, silverfish, bed bugs and other insects are not only eyesores, they can also pose as health hazards and can even damage your property and belongings. Because of this, it would be wise for you to call experts in pest control in Sydney the moment you experience itchiness or see bug bites whenever you use your furniture or find obvious signs of pest presence in your house. After the process was successfully conducted, consider doing the following things to ensure a safer home environment.

Wash clothing materials

If you were inside the house during the extermination process, it would be best to change your clothes along with other clothing materials that may have been exposed to pest chemicals. Wash your clothing, pillows, curtains, bed sheets and similar materials no matter how safe the solutions used may be.

Clean/wipe your furniture

Pest solutions used on the process can permeate the air through vapour and could settle on your furniture especially the upholstered type. Steam-dry your furniture to disinfect them after the pest control in Sydney was conducted. For leathered materials, consider wiping them with damp washcloth for cleaning. Another way to remove chemical residue on your furniture is to take them outside and leave them out in the sun for a few hours.

Wash carpets

Carpets are some of the most susceptible items around the house in terms of absorbing chemicals from pest control activity because of their fuzziness. Fumes and chemical residue are absorbed by carpets through its lint. Dry wash your carpets after the process to disinfect the materials. In addition, fuzzy stuffed toys and children’s toys in general should be kept during the pest control process.

Mop the floor

Another way to disinfect the house and get rid of chemical residue after pest control in Sydney is by mopping the floor with soapy water or with disinfectant. This will also eliminate the stench or foul odour caused by dead pests or from the chemicals used on the extermination process. Make sure to wipe or mop your floor dry after cleaning it.


Vegan Food For Weddings Becoming A Norm In Maine

One of the reasons why many couple opts for wedding catering in Sydney is the way that food is presented and served. The catering staffs make sure that the presentation is lovely with the cake displayed beautifully. Depending on the arrangements, most catering services have trained staff to provide professional service so that guests will enjoy the event.

Maine’s wedding season won’t be here for months but many couples are already planning and preparing for nuptials and parties for the coming summer and fall. One of the most requested foods in pre-wedding meetings is vegan food.

According to Cathie Fairbanks-Cliffe of Destination Maine Weddings in Cape Elizabeth, a change was very noticeable from clients that planned and executed Maine events last year. In most of the bigger weddings, the popular choice was vegan. In a couple of instances, either the bride or groom or both is a vegan or they have friends that are vegans.

Most couples today are health conscious that is why they opt for vegetarian food. Many couples have specific requests that include creamy tofu Napoleon with grilled vegetables or charcoal-blackened peppers. Maine wedding professionals who have worked with a handful of exclusive vegan weddings have noticed that the biggest change is the plant-based menu even at non-vegan weddings.

In 2017, Vogue announced that vegan food is becoming a top trend in weddings because of the increasing demand for vegetable-based menus. In Maine, it looks like vegan is not only a trend but a norm for most weddings. Amy Alward of Love Kupcakes bakery noticed that 90% of brides have requested for vegan and gluten-free options last year.

Love Kupcakes is offering vegan wedding cake choices like lemon-blueberry, strawberry-basil and double chocolate including mini blueberry pies and cupcakes. At Ahimsa Custom Cakes in Auburn, exclusive vegan couture wedding cakes are also offered.

A straightforward and stress-free service is offered by wedding catering in Sydney to make sure that wedding events are successful and fun. The company is prepared to handle dietary requirements appropriately and safely. Vegan food can be prepared as well as gluten-free, vegetarian and halal meals including Kosher catering on request.


Thailand Research Expects More Chinese Tourist Arrivals

According to TRF or Thailand Research Fund’s director, Suthipun Jitpimolmard, there will be a gradual increase in the number of Chinese tourists that is arriving in Thailand. In 2009, the number was only 770,000, in 2016 it reached over 8.3 million and last year it has surpassed more than 9.8 million. This is good news for the hospitality department of the country including Bangkok boutique hotel because of the high rate of bookings.

Since the number of tourists coming to the local communities is expected to rise especially in the northern part, it is important more than ever for the country to understand their behavior and have a more improve logistics systems to utilize.

It is expected that in the years to come, Chinese visitors will be the number one source of market for tourists in Thailand. According to predictions, in 2020 there will be around 40 million tourists coming to the country and 12 million of them will be from China.

Based on the predictions made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand together with private sector, the number of tourists coming from mainland China will reach over 10 million for 2018. Majority of these tourists will be staying in local areas because of the tourism campaigns conducted by the government.

Mr. Suthipun said that in 2018 over 154 million of tourists from China will be travelling to foreign countries and it is expected that Thailand will continue to be the top destination for Chinese travelers.

He added that many Chinese are coming to Chiang Mai province due to Lost In Thailand, a Chinese movie that gained popularity in the country which aired in 2012. The film featured locations such as Chiang Mai and other areas in Thailand. A number of tourist attractions have been shown in the film which resulted to a flock of tourists.

Aside from local destinations, the capital remains to be an attraction for tourist. Accommodations such as Bangkok boutique hotel are happy with the number of guests booking with them, both in tour packages and individual tourists, which maintain their presence in the hotel and tourism industry.

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What You Need To Know When Buying LED Outdoor Strip Lighting In Australia?

Why not add a LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia for an elegant look at your outdoors! For you to purchase the right kind of lighting, you need to consider the following:

  • Which areas you plan to use the lights

A great thing about these lights is having to use them in other places like the kitchen countertops, bars and banisters. There is unlimited usage of these applications. Also, the lights come in various sizes. You need to measure your area where you want to place it to avoid having something that is too small or too big. If you plan to install the LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia in your kitchen or bathroom, you should use waterproof units.

  • What type of strip light you need?

Strip lights come in various types especially when you search the market. Each one of us is difference; hence, we are attracted to various things. Choose the ones that please you the most. Ensure that the strip you choose will serve that something of interest to you.

  • Amount of Light

As mentioned earlier, you can possibly use the LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia for various applications. Your choices will depend on the amount of light you are interested in. If you want light near or away from the source, there are many designed for these purposes. There are also lights for signs and indirect lighting. Work with a contractor to recommend you what is right for your home.

  • Light colour

Just like LED bulbs and spotlights, this type of lighting come in various colours to suit your various applications. For instance, a daylight colour can be suitable for your outdoor and bathroom lighting. Soft white colour may be great for living rooms and bedroom, while cool white colour can be suitable for kitchen and hallways. Choose a colour that suits your preference. There are also those that come with various colours. For this purpose, you will need a remote control to transition between power, colour and brightness.

These factors may help you make a choice for your LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia; and to ensure they are properly installed, seek assistance from a professional electrician.


Boxes Overflowing In Recycle Centers After The Holidays

Online shopping last month has reached a new record as companies handling recycling of cardboard boxes revealed that they are swamped because of the huge amount they have collected. According to an estimate by the United States Portal Service, they are going to handle a 10 per cent increase in packages for the year 2017 in comparison to the year before. Amazon is known to be the top online site for shopping and the company has shipped over five billion of orders in 2017 for their Prime members alone. The amount of cardboard from packages as well as cheap boxes for moving is a big challenge when it comes to recycling.

In Burbank Recycle Center series of trucks are arriving to deliver the recycling they have collected. Their recycling facility is located close to Los Angeles. One of the residents, Natasha Gagarin, visited the facility with an SUV full of empty boxes and she estimates it to be more than 200 pieces.

She is a mom to four kids and during holiday season, which is the busiest of the year, she opted for a more convenient route by ordering online instead of going to physical stores to do the shopping herself. Gagarin said that all of her orders were made in Amazon.

In a data from Amazon in 2017, they utilized 6,000 trucks as well as 32 planes in order to deliver packages to their Prime Members in the United States.

The recycling coordinator assigned for Burbank city is KreighHampel and he said that he has witnessed an incredible increase in the number of cardboard boxes. He described it to be a tsunami of boxes and the holiday season means that everything increased between five and ten per cent.

Hampel said that there is a complicated process involved in recycling. These boxes from packaging and cheap boxes for moving are sorted then these are bundled to be placed in containers so they can be transported to China. This is where the boxes are placed in water to remove staples before they are created into new boxes.

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