How Online Data Can Help The Hospitality Industry Bring In More Visitors

The success of the hospitality industry in Thailand is dependent on the number of tourists that visit the nation. Thailand is globally famous as a tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and favourable climate. Hotels can stand out in the competitive market through the services of hospitality marketing agency that will ensure the best solutions to attract new customers and maintain loyalty.

Nowadays, it has become easy for customers to tweet their satisfactory experience in a hotel. Meanwhile, complaints can be posted on the hotel’s Facebook page. Everything is now being done online particularly through social media. Companies aggregate and store all online data to be analysed so that they can figure out the best marketing tool to attract customers.

In today’s digital age, the trend is to go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to discuss experiences. Businesses that want to actively interact with their customers and create relationships usually use social media for their marketing efforts. However, how many businesses in the hospitality industry are using tools to analyze and implement data from social media?

A good example of customer engagement can be seen from Air France-KLM that clearly defined its social media guidelines to enhance customer service and transparency. The airline has designated “wait times” for responses and made use of algorithms to tier the different types of requests. Knowing the requests will allow the airline to serve customers better and cater to their needs.

On the other hand, Air France has made use of data management system by integrating data derived from trip searches, bookings and flight operation with web, social media, call centre and airport lounge interactions. The result is a travel experience that is “made-just-for-me.” A much more personalized experienced is gained by a customer when the hospitality industry customizes its offerings based on the information gained from their target audience.

Promoting services is usually easier than goods because hospitality marketing agency can create a brand identity that promotes a fun and relaxing experience in their facility. Customers browse the web when they require accommodations and the marketer has to identify the factors that the customer will consider in choosing a specific hospitality service.

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Staying In A Hotel Near Bumrungrad Hospital For Comprehensive Check-Up

It’s now safe to fly half way around the world for inexpensive medical procedures and surgeries in Bangkok Thailand than what a local U.S. hospital can do to its patients. You can just stay in an inexpensive hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital for a lot of savings.

CNN recently aired a documentary with host Morgan Spurlock, which is part of the network’s “Inside Man” program. Spurlock ventures into the medical tourism of Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International Hospital. There he gets an extensive check-up that not many Americans get to experience in their own country.

Obama’s“Affordable Care Act” may have assisted around 40-million Americans who had no previous healthcare insurance; but prices for healthcare in doctors’ offices and hospitals were never lowered, even though it was the intention of theprogram.

Due to his disappointment with the high cost of healthcare in the U.S., Spurlock spent two days in Bangkok to prove that he can stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital, have medical routines done on him like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), colonoscopy, blood panels and medical advice for a sore shoulder, which is relatively cheaper than having checked in the U.S.

The final cost for Spurlock’s treatment in Bumrungrad amounted to 94,000 baht, or tantamount to $3,000. His trip, airfare and hotel stay amounted to $4,300. The total cost in American dollarsaccording to Spurlock for his medical services amount to $14,000.

The Joint Commission International hospital recognizes the Bangkok hospital’s accreditation as the first Asian hospital to attract over a million foreign medical tourists it caters yearly. In all cases, the healthcare quality in Bumrungradis comparable to the services offered in U.S. hospitals. The colonoscopy procedure done to Spurlock is a living proof to that.

The colonoscopy done in the Bangkok hospital is not the traditional method, but a doctor gave Spurlock a capsule to swallow, which was equipped with cameras to stream videos and pictures of his colon.

According to Spurlock, medical tourism in Bangkok became the means to improve the Thai economy by about $4.7-million; while the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) only generated 18% for healthcare, which is about a $3-billion industry.

The hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital cost $100 per night and Spurlock’s MRI, for instance, was priced at $400 as compared with the $500 to $3,000 likely paid in the U.S.

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4 Tips To Buy The Right Plastic Shredder Machine

You can find a lot of benefits in having a plastic shredder machine to reduce your plastic waste products. A plastic shredder is ideal for offices, industrial setting and even for home use. If you want to purchase a plastic shredder, here are a few things to consider.


If you intend to have a plastic shredder for home use or in your office with average amount of generated plastic waste, you can go for a smaller size plastic shredder with granulators on a slower speed. However, if you are going to use a shredder for a commercial establishment that generates a lot of plastic garbage such as a grocery store, fast food and other related businesses, choose a bigger plastic shredder that can process bigger volume of plastic materials. Find out the size of the plastic shredder machinethat you require to get the right product. You can call the supplier’s customer service to help you identify the right shredder for you.

Materials to be shredded

Consider the type of materials that you need to frequently recycle or downgrade. There are shredders that are exclusively for plastic materials alone while there are shredders that can also shred wooden materials, rubber and e-waste. Choose a shredder that would meet your recycling needs. Take a look at the different variations in the market.


Before buying a plastic shredder, take a look at your available budget. The amount of shredder vary on various factors such as its size, specifications, features, brand and many others. For industrial purposes, you can find durable and high quality shredders to meet your needs. It would be best if you would choose a sturdy shredder if it would be exposed to constant heavy recycling functions. To reduce the costs, take a look at different suppliers on the internet.

The supplier  

To ensure that you will get high-quality plastic shredder machine, buy the equipment from a reliable supplier. Read product reviews and feedback from customers to find out if they were satisfied with the product and service delivery. Check from different suppliers to compare price and to see where you can get more value for your money.

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Pink Promise To Be Auctioned At Christie’s HK For US$42 Million

Nothing best expresses love and commitment than diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that embody uniqueness in every aspect. Any women will be immensely pleased to receive a diamond ring of supreme quality. For the male out there, make sure though to take into account the type, cut and quality of the diamond ring you are going to use to make the marriage proposal.

However, there are diamonds that are beyond the powers of an ordinary human to own. For example, the “Pink Promise” which is scheduled for auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong is worth a staggering US$42 million price tag. The Pink Promise is an enormous oval-shaped 14.93 carat pink diamond that forms the centrepiece of a diamond-studded ring.

According to a spokesman from Christie’s the Pink Promise is one of the most important diamonds to be sold because of its colour and clarity. Fung Chiang of Christie’s jewellery department told AFP that a pink diamond is very rare making it extremely valuable. No other piece in their diamond production shares the same unique beauty as the Pink Promise.

Researchers do not understand “exact structural defect” which causes the appealing pink colour. Less than 2% of the diamond production every year produces coloured diamonds. According to Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong, the Pink Promise will go under the hammer on November 8 this year.

Feverish bidding in Hong Kong auction houses was not dented by the ongoing anti-corruption drive in Mainland China. Auction house Sotheby was able to sell an antique 1,000-year old bowl from China’s Song Dynasty for US$7.7 million to an anonymous bidder. It broke the record for Chinese ceramics.

Early this year, “Pink Star” a giant diamond broke the record for gemstones that are sold at auction when it fetched US$71.2 million at Sotheby’s auction house. Chow Tai Fookjewellery chain won the bid for the 59.60 carat diamond.

Love can be expressed through diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that do not cost millions of dollars. An impressive selection of high quality diamond rings is available for affordable price tags. The engagement rings are created from exceptional craftsmanship to make it different from the rings available in the jewellery market.


When To Seek An Expert For Computer Repairs In Perth

Most people and industries nowadays rely on computers and electronic devices and moving around without one is quite unimaginable. People depend on computers to communicate, perform their duties and functions and also to make things work. Computers have become a part of man’s daily functions which is why it is important to keep computers highly functional and protected against various threats. The moment you notice that your computer device is not functioning as it should, call a reliable technician who specializes on computer repairs in Perth right away. Here are some signs that need to call a technician for computer check.

Lagging computer functions

It would normally take a few seconds to open a file or a window tab including closing files on a computer. These are just ordinary tasks but if it is taking longer for your computer to perform these simple functions, you should then consider calling a trusted computer technician to check your device. A lagging or slow performing computer is a definite sign that something is not right with the unit and it may have been attacked by a virus or malware. There are a number of causes for slow computers and only a qualified technician can determine its cause and provide a safe solution for it. Even if you have some knowledge on computers, there are repairs that require skills and training including tools or equipment to repair a damage.

Physical damage

It is also time to set a schedule for computer repairs in Perth when your computer has sustained physical damage that makes it challenging to use such as missing piece on keyboard, broken screen or LCD, damaged processor, chipped corners or when computer has unexplained noise and other similar issues. A qualified computer technician can resolve this and prevent further damage on the computer.

Overheating unit

Computers normally give off heat when being used. However, if the heat is already stronger than normal, it could be a sign of overheating and computer repairs in Perth must be necessary. As an option, try using an external computer cooler or fan to keep the heat down or consider cleaning the air vents of your computer.


Should Insurance Companies Start Including Rehab Costs Into Their Plans?

It’d an extremely unfortunate event for someone to get into a serious addiction for drug abuse. It gets even worse when this person is also looking for treatment but is unable to find it. This is the story of a young cheerleader from a Missouri high school who was indirectly addicted to heroin and opioids, and could later not find proper rehab treatment, and therefore died.

At the tender age of 16, she had suffered a serious car accident, where she was prescribed some strong painkillers called hydrocone which had an addictive effect. She was prescribed the medicine for six months, but due to its addictive effects, she could not stop herself and it slowly became an addiction for her. A few years down the line this addiction to drugs had turned into a lethal addiction to heroin. After a large overdose one sat, she died from an overdose. But the worst part of this phenomenon is that she actually wanted help to get her out of this addiction. She wanted to seek the best rehab services to cure of her addiction to this opioid. But unfortunately, her insurance couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t cover the cost of her rehab fees, and thus she could not attend rehab. Samantha’s mother states that if she had received the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation at the right time, the death of her daughter could have been avoided.

JulieannGideon, the mother of Samantha, got to know of Samantha’s addiction only a year after she had started started taking the painkillers for the accident. But she wasn’t aware of how severe the problem would turn, and she assumed that her daughter was taking extra pills for the pain. Only later, in the winter of 2015 did her daughter actually reveal to her mother, her heroin addiction. She also stated how she desperately wanted to stop using this drug, and wanted to come back to her normal life. Her mother suggested that she try and get the best rehab services for heroin, to cure her of the addiction, so she took her to a nearby treatment center but this is when the insurance company made claims stating that they could not help her.


3 Tips To Save On Wedding Planner In Sydney

Planning for a wedding is not just time consuming and stressful, they can also incur expenses apart from the expenses on the wedding day itself. With everything that needs to be done, having a wedding planner in Sydney would be a wise decision that couples can have. The professional service of a wedding planner can amount to $3,000 though the amount vary depending on some factors such as the client’s location, the wedding date, design and other relevant details. It might sound costly but there are a lot of ways to reduce your wedding expenses. Here are some tips:

Choose a planner wisely

If you are working on a budget, you may consider hiring newbies or wedding planners who are looking for experience as they collect lower professional fee.You might also want to contact an experienced wedding planner in Sydney and try to negotiate on the rates. In order to negotiate better on the rates, pick a date that falls on low wedding season.  A newbie wedding planner is still looking for experience so it would be easier to negotiate with their rates. They are also interested to expand their network in the industry so they are easier to deal with.

Look for cheaper options

Another way to save money on wedding preparations is to look at different available options. For instance, instead of getting the services of professional wedding videographers and photographers, you may consider hiring students or newbies in the field. Ask around for music students in your local college or members of a local band who can sing on your wedding. You may also want to hire a local florist with locally grown flowers instead of buying imported ones. Find out from your local florist for cheaper yet impressive flower arrangements that you can have.

Order local supplies

To lower your wedding costs, buy from your local producers. Instead of buying imported wines, find out if you have local suppliers of exquisite wines. You can also save money by ordering your wedding gown from a local seamstress instead of buying abroad. Consult your chosen wedding planner in Sydney to find out how you can get quality services and products at a lower price.