Researchers Release Paper On Illegal Orchid Trade

A research paper talked about the large-scale commercial illegal trade of orchids across the world is a problem that is a problem for Thailand orchids wholesale, one that is plaguing the world’s flower market, but one that is not dealt with properly.

Orchids are one of the world’s largest plant families. Officially, they see a lot of protection and conservation, and orchids see a lot of use, from ornamentation, to medicine. As a result of their myriad of uses, the global orchid trade sees a lot of activity, with most of it down with legal, greenhouse-grown specimens for safety and conservation.

However, as a result of the demand for orchids, there is also illegal trade of the plants happening, which, naturally, does not go through the necessary checks the legal trade has, which has recently come under notice from the world, driving concern for the state of orchids everywhere.

The paper, which was published by a research group formed by the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Orchid Specialist Group, specifically, the group’s Office 1 of the Global Trade Programme, was published via the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.

The paper emphasized that a lot could and should be done to protect orchids from illegal, environmentally harmful and unsustainable trade, with Lancaster University’s Dr. Jacob Phelps saying that orchids see a lot of uses in the world, but illegal commercial trade goes unreported, and, consequently, unnoticed. Many people, he adds, erroneously think of orchids as only ornamental, but he states a fact that any Thailand orchids wholesale shop would know; that orchids are also used for food products, cosmetics and medicine.

According to Dr. Phelps the paper gives a view into the global orchid black market, which, naturally has effects on legitimate sales across the world, as well as the environmental and conservation issues that would be associated with such.

The review was taken and studied in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in Geneva back in late November, and the researchers asking governments to deal with the issues plaguing the orchid plant group.

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Trends In 2018 That Accountants Have To Watch Out For

We are already a month into the New Year, 2018. As with any profession, this year will be an eventful one because of the new trends expected to become popular that will affect accountants from insurance accountant to technology that will dominate the profession.

Accounting software that is cloud-based is currently employed by nearly 30 per cent of small businesses while majority of the accounting firms are still using hosted server or their programs still depend on internal server. It is expected that each year accountants will be geared toward using a model that is cloud-based SAAS or software as a service. A big change is expected in 2018 because an increasing number of small businesses will be using cloud and leading software companies specializing in tax programs are expected to launch to the public cloud-based software that is fully functional.

Tax planning will dominate because of the new tax law that was recently implemented. The new law is more complicated thus businesses will consider tax planning for the coming years. It is not sure how long this new provisions will be implemented because it is still dependent with the coming elections in 2018 as well as 2020 elections. There is a chance that it might change.

In terms of using AI or artificial intelligence as well as automation, the profession is only starting to scratch the surface. In the previous year, minor AI and automation is employed in book keeping and tax programs are also utilizing them. There is more to come as the technology is expected to increase efficiency and offer analytical data that will aid practitioners and their clients in improving the decisions regarding their businesses. Smarter programs are expected in 2018 that will be incorporated with huge payroll companies and a number of brokerage houses to make each tax return an automated task.

There is an expected decrease in compilations and reviews because of the increase in demand for real time accounting that is cloud based. Accountants and their clients are now relying on real time data to make more efficient decisions. Audits, which are the reason many get an insurance accountant, are expected to be rendered unnecessary in the next few years because of real time technology.


More Opportunities For The Travel And Tourism Industry With Bangkok Subway Expansion

It is not surprising why many investors are interested on Single House in Sathorn that is closely located to the business area. The business area of Bangkok is home to many splendid restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment venues for both young and old alike. An investor can easily rent out the single house to expats or corporate executives who want to settle in the city.

At the recent Thailand Tourism Forum, industry experts revealed that Bangkok is very close to becoming a mega city. In the next five years, Bangkok will complete the expansion of its subway system to provide more opportunities for the travel and tourism industry. The forecast is good news to real estate developers.

According to Bill Barnett, managing director of C9 Hotelworks, the metro line across Greater Bangkok will be 464 kilometres long in the next five years. It will surpass the length of London’s metro line that is only 402kms and that of New York‘s 380-km subway system. The East will soon become the new West particularly since it will be accessible to 3 international, interconnected airports, Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang and Utapao.

JesperPalmqvist, director of STR a global research firm, said that Bangkok is on a “strong growth trajectory” in terms of hotels and infrastructures. Hotel performance has experienced 3 years of stable growth to firmly put the 2014 decline behind. In November 2017, RevPAR grew by 3.4% year-on-year. A reasonable strong supply increase at 4.1% was also significantly noticed.

The impressive numbers are the result of a stable demand growth of about 5% for 18 months in 2015. Hotels however were only able to increase rates by 2% because of the competing products launched in the market. Meanwhile, growth is not short-term because less than 7 months in 2017, 10-year records exhibited absolute RevPAR performance.

Because of traffic, many expats prefer to live in a Single House in Sathorn because it is within walking distance to a BTS train station or the MTR underground. Some areas have the boat service which is cheaper and less crowded. Expats prefer to rent single homes because of the existing restrictions on foreign property ownership.


To Be Successful In Business, Learn Social Media Marketing

There are so many things you can do on the Internet. You can use it to market goods or services, while you learn social media marketing by concentrating on some topics and techniques that feed your mind with proper knowledge. In fact, it is not easy to find the best social media marketing course, especially if you have not considered a niche to specialize on.

It’s really important to think about what kind of methods you want to master for your business’s success. You need to be excited, feeling great and motivated to work really hard to become a decent professional of social media marketing. It may take a while for you to do the right thing, be recommended with a lot to try on, make the most of it, and stick with it until you become the best.

If you want to learn social media marketing and know the various methods and sites to embrace it, you can successfully market online. You will learn that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, bookmarking sites, forums, are all helpful especially if you do video marketing and article marketing. There are many possibilities out there, you will just have to pick out the right niche for your business. You may also want to venture into the PayPerClick (PPC), which is paid advertising to target potential consumers and business partners. If you are on a budget, you should first start with social media networking sites for your massive marketing campaign.

There are so many free courses offered online where you can learn social media marketing fast. Ensure you devote yourself to developing and learning first, and once you made the commitment, doors start to open and will stay open for a long time. You also need to acquire specific capabilities so you have an edge over your competitors.

Ensure you learn something every day from the social media marketing course. Teach yourself to become better than other marketers out there. If you learn social media marketing the right way, you’ll definitely soar high with your business. You can make things happen and succeed if you become a top-notched social media marketer. Another good way to learn is to take it from people who are now successful marketers.

Make sure to learn something every day, so that you can definitely have some distance between the other marketers out there. By picking the right Social Media Marketing course, you’ll have some distance. Actually, competition doesn’t really exist, because everybody has the same possibility to make something happen, and it’s just a question of how badly you want to succeed, to become better than the average social media marketer. Another good recommendation is to study people that are already successful.

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Tips In Choosing Conference Meeting Venues In Bangkok

The venue of an event contributes a lot to the activity’s success or failure. For instance, if your venue is isolated, your target participants may hesitate to attend the event and this would mean not sending your message across effectively to your targets. There is a lot of conference meeting venues in Bangkok for you to choose from. All it takes is a little research and identifying the aspects that make a perfect venue. Here are some ideas.


A conducive venue means that it has all the facilities that promote excellent presentations and healthy discussions. The venue should have an excellent sound system, facilities for audio visual presentations such as LCD projectors, white board and areas where manila paper or workshop outputs can be posted.


Your participants will have a hard time absorbing ideas if the venue is hot, noisy or if it is just too small for them. Thus, choose one of those conference meeting venues in Bangkok with comfortable seats and chairs that can be arranged based on the activity design. The usual seating arrangements for meetings and conferences include classroom, U shape, boardroom and theatre arrangements. The venue should have the right temperature and should not be too cold to bother the participants or too hot to make them feel uncomfortable.


Look for a venue that is located in Bangkok’s popular commercial district in order for your participants to make it on time and also for them to encourage to attend the activity because of its accessibility. It should be located near major transportation systems and can be accessed without much difficulty. It would also be an advantage if the venue offers a parking space for its guests.


When choosing among conference meeting venues in Bangkok, pick one that offers more value for your money and one that is reasonably priced. Ask for cost estimates to get an idea on the average costs of venues and to determine which of the service providers are eager to respond to you within 24 hours. Choose a venue that has available catering to lessen your preparations.

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How To Make An Illustrated Map Interesting

Maps are not usually given much attention especially if you are not travelling to an unfamiliar place. However, an Illustrated Map is one of the most useful tools that you can equip yourself with especially if you are travelling on your and in unfamiliar terrain. Having a functional or useful map is enables a person to get from one point to another in less time and without the hassles. To make your travel more engaging, use illustrated maps instead of traditional ones. You can actually create an illustrated map for your next trip and here are some tips to make the map effective.

Familiarize the area

To create an effective illustrated map, research about the area. Gather the right information to make your map accurate. You can use existing maps as reference or you can just add colors and embellishments to make it more interesting. Determine the areas that need emphasis and highlight them with images.

Emphasize landmarks

Identify the landmarks in the area and place images on them. You can draw iconic images or apply colors on the map. You can also improve the size of the landmark images to highlight them. Another option is to add shapes or figures to visually elevate particular institutions such as rivers, churches, parks, etc.

Use the right colors

If you are going to use the Illustrated Map for personal consumption, you can pick your preferred color. However, if the map will be used by groups or other individuals, the colors should be appropriate to the users. For adult users, you can use modest colors while younger users would enjoy illustrated maps with vibrant and lively colors. Use few shades of colors to avoid overdoing your map unless you are creating one for kids.

Harmonize map elements 

The images and patterns that you are going to use should be coherent and consistent. Use a single representation of roads and use another for lanes and another for railroad, etc. do not use the same symbol for different elements because your Illustrated Map will be confusing. You can choose to use same symbols for similar elements such as commercial establishments, hospitals, churches and others.

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Dining In Class When In Bangkok

In Thailand, food and fashion are the perfect match. It is not surprising that a number of top designers in the country decided to devote their talent into the kitchen after conquering the catwalk. One good example is Bhanu Inkawat who started Greyhound. Another example is Polpat Asavaprapa who is known as Asava’s founder as well as designer. He is currently busy with his restaurant called Sava Dining which was launched in 2016 in EmQuartier. Ever since the launch, it has gathered the attention of people who are hoping to dine in class. This is also the go-to place of VIPs at a hotel near EmQuartier because it is the best place to dress up and dine.

The restaurant can be found inside the Helix Building on the sixth level. The Sava Dining Restaurant represents the fashion brand of the owner with its blue and navy color theme. The passion of the owner is evident because classic elements are mixed with the latest trends. This was attested by Polpat because according to him he is the same way either planning for his restaurant or creating a new design for his Asava clothing line.

Polpat said that it is his aim to give the restaurant a luxurious vibe and surprise the diners with the comfort food served. In terms of fashion, he admitted that he is not fond of showy designs while in food he is more inclined with those thatare authentic tasting. He describes his restaurant as simple yet not that easy and their signature which is the element of fascination is ever present.

He shared their dish of the year which is the Sen Yai Pad Kua Kling worth 320 baht. This is a tribute to Thais who love noodles and for him who is also fond of noodles. The dish is made with a homemade spicy sauce using chili local and foreign spices.

Locals and tourists at a hotel near EmQuartier should not miss visiting Sava Dining. One of the restaurant’s best seller dishes is the roasted lamb worth 850 baht. Their salad known as the Sava Dining Tuna Salad worth 290 baht is also worth trying.