Perth Startups Deliver Logistics Solutions

For business, having issues with their Perth logistics will appreciate the new application available for the region, such as Storekat, and Instratruck, an on-demand container transport company in Perth.

With history and experience working in the resources sector logistics, Mr. Forcier decided to help businesses all over Perth deal with issues regarding logistics in Perth with Storkeat, an online start-up portal that locates any open warehouse space in the region for business who need to store equipment and inventory on an on-demand basis.

Mr. Forcier’s move into the start-up space field, which started because of an issue from a few years prior, when he was tasked with the arduous task of storing a large amount of equipment on short notice, due to an ongoing project suddenly, ended up being put on hold.

Mr. Forcier related that the trip of finding the right storage space was completely frustrating. He said he had to look through several storage options to find that right storage space for their needs, all from his office. The issue was that he could not find the right space.

In order to meet the need for space, he was forced to work 100 graduate engineers who were working for his company, and they were forced to store a considerable amount of items in company garages of other people.

Storekat first went through the Curtin Accelerate program in 2016, and is now has several Perth storage companies working with it to help businesses with their on demand storage space needs.  What the online start-up platform actually does is aggregate storage options, putting commercial facilities and warehouses into a single, one-stop portal.

According to Mr. Forcier, 10% to 15% of the users of Storekat were retail businesses.

He states that the on-demand model that Storekat uses is good for businesses because of lower costs and improvements to productivity, with storage space only being used on as-needed basis rather than through long term outlays.

Another company, Instatruck, runs a similar operation, though its functions is to act as an on demand container transport company in Perth, but also utilizes excess space in warehouses in the region.

The founder of Instatruck is Siobhan Lancaster, stated that the purpose of the platform was to connect owner-operator truck drivers with the businesses who need their services needed to move their goods.

She says that Instratruckis aimed at making transport easy, which she says can be a problem for companies to organize, and even if they do manage to get a truck, it would be accomplished after a long amount of time and effort.

She says that they boast that their people can accomplish, who can get their trucks to the customers within 15 for their smaller vehicles.

Other companies operate similar platforms for the logistics needs of the Perth region, such as Hard Hat Accounts, Bustle, and Tamad, which handle bookkeeping, on-demand trucking, and arrival information.