Pomfret In The Process Of Purchasing New Trucks

The Pomfret officials already started with the process to replace the town’s crumbling and aging truck fleets.

Replacement of old trucks

Daniel Bigelow, the Highway Superintendent, got an informal permission to buy a Freightliner 10 wheeler or snow plow through the Onondaga County in the latest town board meeting. The board members required Bigelow and Jeffrey Passafaro, the Town Attorney, to devise a resolution to pay for the purchase, that might be voted during this month.

Bigelow indicated to the board that the plow equipment costs $95,000.

The Supervisor Donald Steger wanted to know from Bigelow if this snow plow is going to have the salting equipment with it, and Bigelow replied yes.

Steger also asked how to extend a $216,000 vehicle’s life if there is salt involved.

Bigelow explained that the equipment is a stainless steel box instead of steel, as people are fully aware what happens when salt and steel are combined. This is going to be the town’s first equipment made of stainless steel.

Bigelow also added that for several years, he tried to make use of a rust inhibitor in order to prevent more breakdown.

Councilman John Sedota inquired if this possible purchase includes a 2017 truck. Bigelow mentioned that it is really a 2018 truck. Steger explained that it is going to take at least 6 months for it to be ordered.

With the replacement of these old trucks to new ones, it is also likely that new trucking jobs are going to be required in the town of Pomfret.

Other things discussed in the board meeting

The 2016 budget of the town of Pomfret also included a 35% approximate hike in tax rate for outside-the-village in order to start developing its capital reserve account for the town’s badly required highway equipment.

Aside from this, the board also approved the contract extension of Lily Dale Fire Protection which costs $30,000. This is similar to the amount in 2016.

Brad Dietzen, the Forest Hill Cemetery Sexton, was also appointed the sexton of the additional six cemeteries. A different sexton oversaw these cemeteries before, thus his appointment now consolidates every town cemetery service in a single office.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in News