Rising Volume Of Vehicles Favorable For Aftermarket Product Manufacturers

Decades ago, when a car lover needs car parts and accessories, the only options are physical stores or the car mechanic in the neighborhood. Nowadays, there are different sources online like Dorman Products with its range of parts and accessories for prices that customers will appreciate. There is a host of aftermarket parts from different brands.

Hitachi Automotive Systems is confident with the expansion of its aftermarket space in India. The company is offering a wide range of aftermarket products in the Indian market from glow plugs, ignition coil sensors, relays and fuel pumps and suspension systems under the Tokico brand. Tokico is well known in the US, Europe, Japan and other Asian markets like Thailand where it enjoys a sizeable 24% of the aftermarket space.

Bradley J. Maggart, president of Hitachi Automotive Systems Asia told Autocar Professional that there is a huge demand for aftermarket automotive parts with customers importing them by themselves. This is the reason why the company is officially introducing the full product range of Tokico brand to India’s aftermarket space.

Maggart further added that India has 7 players in the major suspension components and since they have the Tokico brand, they might as well explore the opportunities present in the market. In 2015, Hitachi Automotive Systems established a new manufacturing line at its Chennai plant. Since then, it saw an unprecedented change in the automotive sector of India because of the growing aspirations of the middle class.

The company’s basic strategy is to produce the automotive parts locally for local consumption to align with the government’s Made in India program. The company invested in a second PTC line at the Chennai plant because of rising vehicle volumes and to fully utilize the entire installed capacity by 2020 including the existing warehouse and distribution network in the country.

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By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business