Say Goodbye To Bed Sores With Innovative Bed sheet

We might have to say good bye to bed sores in the near future because of the product developed by a local startup. Their bed sheet comes with sensors as well as a tiny computer. This coming summer, the sheets are going to under trial at health care facilities located in Toronto and Waterloo Region. You might be used to buy bedsheet in Bangkok because of the design but this new innovation is something else entirely.

A number of sensors will be equipped inside the sheet and everyone is 1.5 millimeters small. The sensors’ responsibility is to track the pressure on each part of the person’s body. It can also check the humidity and the temperature.

The technology used on the bed sheets is referred to as Ceylon Systems. The startup company is Kitchener and they are the ones who made the prototype. According to the co-CEO and founder, Zied Etleb, Curiato Inc. is processing the permit from Health Canada which is required before they can start the trial.

It was 2015 when Curiato was established by students from University of Waterloo namely Etleb, Khan and Moazam together with the chief business development officer of the company, Matthew Sefati. The three students are graduates of science degrees from the university. They originally planned to go to medical school but they established the startup first.

Etleb was taking his undergrad degree when he found out that the average cost of treating a bed sore is worth $45,000. Not to mention the pain that the patient has to go through.

Etleb said that it should not be the case because bed sores can be prevented if the pressure is distributed correctly.

With the Ceylon Systems, it can be used to cover the hospital beds’ mattresses while connected to a power supply. The sheet will be able to track in real time thus helping caregivers determine if bedsores are to appear thus prevention is possible. The best thing about it is that the data can be tracked through a mobile device.

While it is good to buy bedsheet in Bangkok, it is worth using this new innovative sheet if you have a bedridden patient at home.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business