Services That Will Make Spring Cleaning An Easy Task

It is not easy to start on spring cleaning particularly if you have not done regular vacuuming. However, it is now 2015 and a call to the cleaning services that provide carpet and upholstery cleaning will ensure that your home is spic and span in half the time it will take you do so. There are also services that will get your home in order.

Donation Town is a directory for charitable organizations. You can give them a call, provide your zip code and they will pick up all the excess stuff you no longer need. If you get rid of some stuff, you will minimize clutter and you can start organizing your home the way you always wanted to.

Genius Scan is a free app you can download that basically acts as scanner inside your pocket. You can export your documents as PDF’s or JPEG’s so that you can get rid of all the papers cluttering desks and drawers. If you have not yet signed up for paperless bank statements, you can start now.

If you are bent on doing spring cleaning, start with the closets where you have accumulated a ton of children’s clothes. If you are nostalgic about parting with the tiny clothes, thredUp will offer you money as a form of consolation. You will be paid 100% for the shipping costs you might incur when you send them the clothes.

There is certainly stuff you can’t bear to part with. If you are trying to figure out what to do with them, consider MakeSpace who will send you 4 bins to fill up, pick up the bins and store them for you at $25 a month. You can keep track of your precious items because the company provides a visual inventory of the items. This will help if you want some of the items back in your home.

After all the excess stuff is gone, you can start with your spring cleaning but do you have the time and patience? Cleaning services provide a professional job of cleaning including carpet and upholstery cleaning to get rid of all contaminants. Having a clean and bacteria-free home is certainly worth the cost of investment.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business