Simple Maintenance Tips For The Ever-Useful Boiler

Sometimes having to regularly hire a professional plumber to conduct boiler repairs and servicing can become quite a hassle; not only for you but for your pockets as well. That is why you should always think of measures to avoid having to do this. Probably the best way to avoid spending too much on repairs is to maintain your boilers and care for it. Below are some simple maintenance tips for your boilers.

1. Service your boilers at least once a year. Just because your boiler is working perfectly doesn’t that it doesn’t need to be checked on. At least once a year, you should have your boilers serviced by a qualified professional. He or she will be checking every part of your boilers and make sure its working at a hundred percent. Ideally, September is the perfect time to service your boilers in order to prepare them for the winter.

2. Turn the heating on when boiler is constantly unused. When boilers are constantly unused, there is a possibility for them to seize up. To avoid this, you should turn the heating on regularly for about 15 to 20 minutes, especially during the summer.

3. Always check for warning signs. It is important for you to be always on the lookout for the unusual signs that may appear on your boilers. These unusual signs are a warning that something is wrong with the boiler. Signs may include leaks, cracks, unusual marks and noise. Checking for warning signs would help you solve a problem before it can worsen.

4. Your boiler should always have a blue flame. A strong blue flame is a sign that your boiler is working perfectly. If your boilers show a yellowy or smoky flame, then you should have your boiler checked.

5. Remove the clutter. Boilers need space for ventilation. This is why you should always make sure that your boiler has a breathing space. You can do this by removing all the clutter within the boilers area. This is especially important when your boiler is located inside a cupboard. Also, make sure that your boiler is easily accessible.