South America Welcomes Production Company By Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel is known for its performance coatings and it continues to strengthen its place in the industry by launching their latest production facility. The new facility is located in South America and will be seen by visitors on their next South America Tour.

The production facility is an expansion and the new facility of the company is based in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo in Brazil. This facility will be in charge of manufacturing as well as supplying products that will be coming from the international source of the company that provides them with high performance coating used for yachts, industrial and marine industries.

The aim of the expansion is to reinforce the commitment of Akzo Nobel when it comes to innovation and technology. The new facility will be able to improve the current market position of the brand in countries all over South America.

Azko Nobel Performance Coating’s director in South America is JelenaArsic Van Os. During the opening of the facility, she commented that the innovation of the company is one of the major reasons why there is organic growth in the company. With the introduction of the new facility, they are able to emphasize the importance of the company’s goal in adapting when it comes to the needs of the current market. All this is to make sure that their customers are given satisfaction through the important color and protection they need. She also added that the facility is an additional investment that will bring higher the role that Azko Nobel is currentl playing since the company’s goal is to have a diverse market and be more visible in countries under South America.

The expansion located in Santo Andre has made it possible for the production to increase its capacity by 35 per cent when manufacturing smaller batches and 50 per cent in terms of larger batches. They also have a new distribution centre which further increases the shipping capacity of the company by 50 per cent. New businesses such as the Azko Nobel are the reason why the economy of South America is increasing together with tourists brought by South America Tour.