Staying In A Hotel Near Bumrungrad Hospital For Comprehensive Check-Up

It’s now safe to fly half way around the world for inexpensive medical procedures and surgeries in Bangkok Thailand than what a local U.S. hospital can do to its patients. You can just stay in an inexpensive hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital for a lot of savings.

CNN recently aired a documentary with host Morgan Spurlock, which is part of the network’s “Inside Man” program. Spurlock ventures into the medical tourism of Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International Hospital. There he gets an extensive check-up that not many Americans get to experience in their own country.

Obama’s“Affordable Care Act” may have assisted around 40-million Americans who had no previous healthcare insurance; but prices for healthcare in doctors’ offices and hospitals were never lowered, even though it was the intention of theprogram.

Due to his disappointment with the high cost of healthcare in the U.S., Spurlock spent two days in Bangkok to prove that he can stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital, have medical routines done on him like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), colonoscopy, blood panels and medical advice for a sore shoulder, which is relatively cheaper than having checked in the U.S.

The final cost for Spurlock’s treatment in Bumrungrad amounted to 94,000 baht, or tantamount to $3,000. His trip, airfare and hotel stay amounted to $4,300. The total cost in American dollarsaccording to Spurlock for his medical services amount to $14,000.

The Joint Commission International hospital recognizes the Bangkok hospital’s accreditation as the first Asian hospital to attract over a million foreign medical tourists it caters yearly. In all cases, the healthcare quality in Bumrungradis comparable to the services offered in U.S. hospitals. The colonoscopy procedure done to Spurlock is a living proof to that.

The colonoscopy done in the Bangkok hospital is not the traditional method, but a doctor gave Spurlock a capsule to swallow, which was equipped with cameras to stream videos and pictures of his colon.

According to Spurlock, medical tourism in Bangkok became the means to improve the Thai economy by about $4.7-million; while the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) only generated 18% for healthcare, which is about a $3-billion industry.

The hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital cost $100 per night and Spurlock’s MRI, for instance, was priced at $400 as compared with the $500 to $3,000 likely paid in the U.S.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business