Swim Spas Inspired By Michael Phelps

Master Spas released signature swim spas last year with inspiration from Michael Phelps. The Olympian received a total of 23 gold medals in his entire career. He helped create the new signature swim spas by Master Spas along with Bob Bowman, his coach. The spas are just like any portable spas in Sydney because these are ideal to be used in training, aquatic therapy, swimming and fitness programs.

According to the CEO of Master Spas, the signature swim spas by Michael Phelps have hydrotherapy benefits. 90 per cent of the swimmer’s stress is eliminated with the help of the water’s buoyancy. The stress is mainly due to land exercises performed by the body. If a person underwent surgery for back, knee or hip, this signature swim spas are ideal for recovery. The swim spas are equipped with powerful therapy jets that ease pains and aches. The standing therapy cove, on the other hand, provides therapy to places that are not easily reached like legs, hips and lower back.

The company introduced to Michael Phelps and his coach, Bob Bowman, the swim spas and right from the beginning they loved using the Wave Propulsion System. The tandem also loves the fact that it can be adjusted with the help of the SwimNumber System. Michael is quite tall as an athlete thus his swim area requires to be deep and long to accommodate his size. The company was also challenged to adjust the Wave Propulsion System to increase its speed by 40 per cent. In the end, after numerous tweaks and changes, the signature swim spa by Michael Phelps was created.

The following year the company installed a signature swim spa in Baltimore where Phelp’s training centre is located. The system comes complete with underwater camera. That way they can train everyday using the signature swim spa. According to Michael, he was able to achieve the perfect freestyle stroke with the help of the swim spa.

Young athletes wanting to swim in the Olympics should find local portable spas in Sydney so they can train every day until they reach their goal to become the next Michael Phelps.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Service