Tesla Battery As Storage Of Solar Energy In Gold Coast

The cost of electricity has been gradually increasing every now and then. Due to the increase in the prices of materials needed to generate the energy that you use in your house day and night, the cost of electricity consumption also increases. That is why most people nowadays resort to going back to the natural source of energy – the sun.

At present, many companies offer solar-enabled devices such as solar panels and storage for the energy harvested by these panels. Solar power has been a trending issue recently. The advantages and disadvantages of using solar equipment has been widely talked and debated upon by economists and environmentalists. Many companies are now offering solar energy harvesting devices to different countries around the world. Tesla, an American electric car-maker, is now making a name in terms of solar devices. Recently, they introduced Tesla batteries to Australia, particularly in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Tesla batteries are used as storage for the energy harvested by the solar panels in your homes. As storage, the stored energy are used as generators of electricity during the night and inclement weather. They provide back-up power for your home in case there is an outage. During the day, Tesla batteries are charged using the energy emitted by the sun. When rates are low, these batteries can also draw electricity from the utility grid and store the energy for later use. These are all advantages of having and installing Tesla batteries in you homes.

Gold Coast is one of the sunnier cities in the country. Having an average of 4.2 full hours of sun every day, many citizens in the city use solar panels as their source of energy. In fact, 30% of the houses have solar panels in their roofs. One man, Mr. Clayton Lyndon, even created his own mini power storage in his home using Tesla battery in Gold Coast. Using his array of solar panels, he used the Tesla batteries as storage for the energy harvested by these panels. The energy being harvested are used during the night when there is no sun and during inclement weather. This is the first of its kind in Gold Coast.