The Annual Internet Report By Mary Meeker

Perhaps one of the most anticipated digital reports every year is the Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends. This particular reception from the public just confirms that there is indeed a significant growth in advertising. Meeker runs some digital investments for Silicon Valley venture firm and she releases a yearly comprehensive breakdown of the entire landscape of the web.

Most advertising agencies and professionals engaged in digital advertising are waiting for this report. Oliver Wood, owner of Digital Monopoly is among the hundreds of professionals who are eagerly waiting for the article. Mary Meeker focuses in the report how people around the globe use the Internet, how many people are using mobile phones, how they surf the internet and which industries as well as companies that benefit from customer behavior.

Here is why you should focus more in digital and in going mobile:

  • The use of mobile internet has grown faster compared to internet usage. There are about 2.8 billion users of the internet. This figure is up by 8 percent from last year and there are 2.1 billion internet users of mobile phones. The latter shows a growth of 23 percent.
  • The data use for mobile phones went up by 69 percent from last year and it is equally important to note that about 55 percent of the data traffic downloaded through mobile phones is videos.
  • Seven years ago, it was reported that Americans spend about 20 minutes per day with the mobile Web. This year though, on an average, Americans spend almost three hours on the internet.
  • The mobile advertisement industry is still short though of $25 billion. The mobile industry commands more than 20 percent of time spent by consumers on media but only accounts for 8 percent of advertisement dollars spending.

Twitter and Facebook continue to grow but not in the same pace as they used to. Accordingly, monthly user increase and revenue per account user is slowing down. The revenue per Facebook user is about $9 which is up by 29 percent from last year. However, it is to be noted that the growth last year almost reached 60 percent.