The Battle Between Alexa And Google Home

There is an ongoing consumer battle between two huge brands in home security system – Alexa by Amazon and Google Home by Google. Their current offering is both focusing on security and how they can help consumers in making their homes safe with the help of smart home technology. Amazon is quite ahead in this area because of the number of inclined products it has released such as Tap, Echo and Dot. These three have been in the market longer compared to Home which was released only recently.

Both companies are now busy partnering with other companies, releasing new applications and products concerning home security system. They are battling on who will dominate the larger part of the market and soon. Experts have weighed in and said that by 2020 the home security industry will be worth a billion dollar.

When one thinks about the best smart speaker system in the market, there is no concrete answer because of the factors that have to be considered as well as the number of options available. The major factors to be considered are cameras, access, monitoring system, accessibility and locks.

To make sure that your home is secure, the smart speaker system should also be secured. A smart speaker that can be tampered easily is nothing despite the number of locks and cameras installed. According to security experts, all devices should always be updated when it comes to the latest patches and software. It also pays to be cautious of what you are accessing through your smart speaker system. Your smartphone should also be secured so that no one can tamper your system in case your phone gets stolen or lost.

The basic components of a home security system are the locks and the comprehensive system which is different in both Amazon and Google. If you are looking for products that can be incorporated with a speaker, the Echo is the top choice. The Home is also catching up but the latest offering of Google, Kwikset Convert and August Smart Lock, can be incorporated with the smart speaker also from Google. There are users that believe Google has an edge due to its Google Assistant.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Tech