The Fencing Industry Growth Since The Recession

Like the other construction sectors, fencing also suffered heavy losses following the recession on the years 2007 to 2009. Despite this decline, market experts are expecting a hopeful future for the industry and they predict a higher fencing demand and that the demand will expand by 2.9 percent every year. This prediction is of course based on the belief that there will be a rebound in residential and commercial construction. With this in mind, the market is said to behave in a much aggressive state and that the rise of the demand will be much faster compared to the period from 2004 to 2009. Last year, it was expected that the market will reach $10.3 billion.

Residential fencing

The residential building represents the biggest fencing market sector. Once the residential market construction will recover, it will boost fencing demand and the market will bounce back immediately. According to analysts, the market for residential buildings is predicted to account for almost two-thirds of the estimated amount of $1.5 billion in the total demand for fencing. The advance in the industry will mostly come from new housing programs. Demand will soon be supported by improvement increases and by replacements.

Non-residential fencing

Accordingly, the market for non-residential construction, agricultural markets and construction of non-buildings will advance by at least 1.1 percent on an annual basis. The growth for commercial construction, transportation construction and rebounding office is also expected to increase. The institutional construction is likewise expected to accelerate.

Fencing growth

Among the fencing materials that will be in demand the most are the composite and plastic materials. Concrete materials will also see a demand which is above average.

Metal fencing

In the year 2009, metal fencing industry accounted for the largest growth in the market both in unit terms as well as in value. The expected demand for metal fencing will advance by at least 2 percent annually. The growth will come from the continued support in metal fencing by security oriented projects. The metal fencing pricing is expected to increase only by about 1 percent which is mainly due to the declining prices in metals.