The National Association of Home Builders Release the Trends That Would Dominate 2015

The Best in American Living Awards is a prestigious award giving body that aims to highlights the excellent home designs that are made for the use of the residential building industry. Just recently, the National Association of Home Builders have finally announced this year’s winners along with a list of the trends that are set to dominate 2015 and the coming years based on the submissions of the winners.

The recipients of the award are considered as the most creative and inventive in the building industry. The recipients will not only include builders but also remodelers, architects, land planners, developers and interior designers.

Now according to the submissions of the winners, here are the trends that you should watch out for this year.

1. White-on-white kitchens has been popular for years now and you should still expect to see them this 2015. This trend can both be found in traditional and modern homes.

2. This year, you should also expect to see a rise in the popularity of centered bathtubs. In this trend, well-designed bathtubs become the focus of the bathroom as it is placed in the center like a sculpture.

3. Wine rooms have developed greatly in the last few years and because of this, you can immediately turn an unused room or space into a wine room or bar. Wine rooms are not exclusive to collectors anymore as it has become a common trend.

4. Combination of natural and contemporary elements are also set to return this year as more people are getting into combining the subtlety of modern designs with the natural elements. You can expect to see wood, steel and glass as combinations in many different houses.

5. Indoor-outdoor living will feature spaces on roofs for viewing purposes and transitional spaces where you can attach screens and walls.

6. Smaller entryways are becoming a popular trend as more people prefer to minimize the entrance to their homes. In this trend, you will get to see large doors that immediately lead to the living room.

7. Escape rooms should also be expected to rise this year as more people integrate getaway rooms so that they could have a place that they could devote to leisure or relaxation.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business