The Release Of New Lego Line

After complaints from consumers regarding Lego’s design to be dominated by boys, the brand has attempted to add something the girls can do by adding the Elvendale edition. The set is consist of bakery that bakes sweet treats using an oven powered by lava fire, the place surrounded by a forest full of purple trees.

The Danish toymaker introduced the Lego Friends roughly three years ago to give options to girls who love their toys. The set is made up of girl-versions of Lego characters using pastel colors and figures similar to dolls. Last year, Lego released their new line called Disney Princess and it was a hit as soon as it was put on shelves.

In a statement by Joergen Vig Knudstorp the CEO of Lego, released last February while doing an interview inside their headquarters located at Billund, Denmark, their sales is growing every year and the added toys that focused on girls is just another way for the company to go forward and reinvent their ideas.

After the release of The Lego Movie in the big screens, there have been request for another line called The Elves’. While Hasbro, the rival of Lego, is raking in $1 billion from girls’ toys thanks to My Little Pony and Nerf Rebelle. The company which is based in US are only waiting for their license to produce toys with themes from the Disney movie Frozen.

Lego Friends showcases the contemporary life and Lego Elves will be a total opposite since it will highlight another world which is that of fantasy, home for elves with weird names and help human Emily to get back to her home. The most awaited line is going to be released this month with a price range of $9.99 to $79.99.

Wes Talbott was the designer for Lego’s new Elves and he shared how the idea was gathered from surveys on young girls and what appeals to them the most. Since its creation in 1958, the company’s goal and aim has stayed the same and the creation of Elves is their way of making a competition for electronic toys.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business