The Truth About Medical Power Of Attorney

Not everyone has a last will and testament made ready in case something happens to them. Often times, those who are faced with death do not think that will should be on top of their list. The truth is that a will is not only about someone leaving and distributing assets to those left behind. This is something that many do not realize unless they know about the enduring power of attorney in Victoria and talked about it with a legal counsel.

The will also covers other important aspects such as end-of-life care of a person and who will be in charge of their medical power of attorney when the need arises. First, a will is also similar to a healthcare power of attorney with the only difference being the person having the authority to make decisions for the person who gave them the will.

A living will includes things such as the medical treatment you will receive when you reach the point where your life is coming to an end and you do not have the physical or mental capacity to decide for yourself. The healthcare power of attorney ensures that someone will be able to make these decisions for you when you become incapacitated. There are limitations when it comes to living will but a medical power of attorney is something else as it gives someone the power to decide what medical treatment you will get.

The medical power of attorney is not only intended for a group of people but it is recommended that everyone should have one. When these designations are prepared beforehand, the family members will no longer have to agonize about making the hard decisions. Though they care for you, during times of distress and grief, they may not be able to think clearly about the best medical treatment for you.

When appointing someone for your enduring power of attorney in Victoria, you should choose a person you truly trust when it comes to medical decisions. Make sure he/she will take into account your wishes. They should be able to respect your decision if you wish to no longer receive treatment in order to lengthen your life.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business