Using Bugs For Eco-Friendly Pest Control

It is very important to be proactive when it comes to pest control. Homeowners must not wait for a problem to turn serious before they call pest control in Newcastle to eliminate the risks. Cockroaches, ants, silverfish and other pests can invade, breed and multiply so fast to become a nuisance and health risk.

A high tech Brazil-based company called Bug AgentesBiologicos or Bug is at the forefront of the growing pest control industry. The company has managed to produce bugs that can kill creepy crawlies so that chemical pesticides can be minimized if not eliminated during pest eradication. A tiny wasp that is calledtrichogramma can eat caterpillars and other pests. The bug was developed in such way to be able to easily mass produce tiny wasps.

Diogo Rodrigues Carvalho and Heraldo Negri de Oliviera, two Brazilian scientists, addressed the demand of Brazil’s agricultural sector for safer options in pest control. Chemicals are used by farmers to fight pests. When the chemicals used become excessive, they can harm the environment and people who work in the fields. When insects are used for biological pest control instead of pesticides, more equilibrium is brought to the countryside.

For the first 8 years, the firm did not generate profits. It survived from the research and development funding provided by the Brazilian government and other private investors. The company experienced a big breakthrough in 2008 when it was able to breed thousands of wasps per batch. This allowed the company to grow by an average of 30% each year ever since.

The biological pest control company literally started from scratch because they were introducing a new product that they developed themselves. However, Bugs expertise gained the attention of agricultural companies all over the world. At first it was difficult to export the tiny insects so that they exported eggs to laboratories that can easily breed the wasps.

Guaranteed results are promised by pest control in Newcastle when they undertake pest control in your premises. A structure can be pest-free from 6 to 12 months through environmentally chemical pest sprays, gels and other effective prevention techniques. You can breathe easy knowing that your property is free from the threats of pests.