Vegan Food For Weddings Becoming A Norm In Maine

One of the reasons why many couple opts for wedding catering in Sydney is the way that food is presented and served. The catering staffs make sure that the presentation is lovely with the cake displayed beautifully. Depending on the arrangements, most catering services have trained staff to provide professional service so that guests will enjoy the event.

Maine’s wedding season won’t be here for months but many couples are already planning and preparing for nuptials and parties for the coming summer and fall. One of the most requested foods in pre-wedding meetings is vegan food.

According to Cathie Fairbanks-Cliffe of Destination Maine Weddings in Cape Elizabeth, a change was very noticeable from clients that planned and executed Maine events last year. In most of the bigger weddings, the popular choice was vegan. In a couple of instances, either the bride or groom or both is a vegan or they have friends that are vegans.

Most couples today are health conscious that is why they opt for vegetarian food. Many couples have specific requests that include creamy tofu Napoleon with grilled vegetables or charcoal-blackened peppers. Maine wedding professionals who have worked with a handful of exclusive vegan weddings have noticed that the biggest change is the plant-based menu even at non-vegan weddings.

In 2017, Vogue announced that vegan food is becoming a top trend in weddings because of the increasing demand for vegetable-based menus. In Maine, it looks like vegan is not only a trend but a norm for most weddings. Amy Alward of Love Kupcakes bakery noticed that 90% of brides have requested for vegan and gluten-free options last year.

Love Kupcakes is offering vegan wedding cake choices like lemon-blueberry, strawberry-basil and double chocolate including mini blueberry pies and cupcakes. At Ahimsa Custom Cakes in Auburn, exclusive vegan couture wedding cakes are also offered.

A straightforward and stress-free service is offered by wedding catering in Sydney to make sure that wedding events are successful and fun. The company is prepared to handle dietary requirements appropriately and safely. Vegan food can be prepared as well as gluten-free, vegetarian and halal meals including Kosher catering on request.