What Is Your Biggest Complaint When Travelling Through Air?

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While summer is in full swing and there are lots of people heading for the beach or to scenic places across the country or abroad. In the United States alone, the number of people that are travelling by plane is significantly increasing. About 93 percent of the population is expected to fly domestically at least once. While the figures of those that travel internationally also continue to rise. With more citizens flying, frustrations also continue to mount up.

Issues and Complaints

Before going to the downside of flying, you also have to appreciate that there are better systems in place because of the boom in the flying industry. There are now better booking ways, streamlined security and simplified check-ins. Though improvements are evident every year, the same issues and complaints come up year after year. At the top of the list is uncomfortable seating as well as limited legroom. About 77 percent of sky travelers said that they dislike this the most. Seventy percent of those surveyed reported that they dislike added fees like seat fees as well as baggage charges. Others complain about their flights cancelled. There are some who also complain about little things like loud or crying children.