What Statistics Tell About Home Intrusion in the US

Today, the United States leads the world in the highest occurrence of burglaries. There are about four burglaries that happen every minute. This very startling statistics will certainly ignite your curiosity about other statistics of breaks INS. When you are considering placing home security systems, you might want to remember these facts.

  • There are about 60 percent of burglars entering homes that use force in entering homes. A surprising 30 percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked windows and doors or other opening where they do not need to use force to enter.


  • A study made by the University of North Carolina found out that most of these burglars try to determine first if a house has an equipped alarm system before even attempting an invasion in that house. There are other researchers that substantiate these findings. In fact, majority of convicted burglars confessed that they intentionally avoided houses that have security systems. Whenever an alarm sounded, they admitted that they immediately flee the home.


  • You may want to learn and explore the advantages and benefits of having a wireless home security system. The reason for this is that there have been an estimated 25 percent of burglars who cuts telephone or alarm wires before they enter houses. Having a wireless home security system will be less vulnerable to intruders since there will be wires that will be cut. Wireless technology is often offered by numerous leading alarm security companies.


  • There are about 33 percent of intruders that enter houses through the front door. Doors which are hollow are typically very easy to kick where intruders can immediately enter. If you house is outfitted with an old door made of wood or one which is hollow, you need to replace this with a solid wood or a door that is clad with metal. Keep in mind to always arm the security system of your house every time you enter and exit your abode. It is also not a bad idea to fortify the entrances of your house with motion lighting as well as with security cameras.