What To Know About Denis O’Brien And His Vast Wealth

Born on April 1958 in County Cork, Ireland, Denis O’Brien is a famous entrepreneur, who is listed as Ireland’s richest local and recognized as one of the World’s Top Billionaires in 2016. He owns Communicorp, a holding company with operations across Europe. He chairs the DOB Group and DOB Investments, which dominate the national radio. He also is the founder of Digicel, a huge telecom company with markets in 31 countries. He has James Morrissey as his spokes person.

The late Denis O’Brien Sr. was his father and worked as a veterinary supplier. He died recently at the age of 86, leaving behind his wife Iris O’Brien and four children Joanne, Abigail, Denis and Kerry.

In 1997, he married Catherine Walsh and they are blessed with four kids. Catherine is the manager of the marketing sector in self-sufficient radio sales.

Early Life and Education:

Mr. O’Brien first worked as a bellmanat the Central Hotel in Dublin. He then proceeded his college years at the University College of Dublin, taking up logic corporate finance, history and politics and graduated in 1977. He was also a cabin boy in a merchant navy serving the sea for four years. In 1995, he got his mobile license victory and this turned the positive side of his life.

After graduating, he worked as an assistant manager for Trinity Bank in Dublin. He became aspiring and industrious and followed his dreams to pursue MBA at the Boston University through scholarship. He joined later the Shannon-based aircrafts subletting group. In 1989, he initiated the Communicorp in Ireland and started his media operations career.


His desire for success didn’t stop there so in 1999, he initiated an aircraft leasing company and ranked among the 20 biggest aircrafts leasing companies in the world. His first success hit him when he launched the Digicel in 2001, which was a big success. Starting from 2006, he started to progress his ownership by acquiring shares of the company and ended up as the biggest shareholder in 2012.

Currently, Denis O’Brien owns one of the largest media companies in Ireland and has himself engaged in newspapers like ‘Dublin’s Evening Herald’, ‘Sunday World’, ‘Sunday Independent’, and ‘Irish Independent’.

Net Worth:

According to Forbes Magazine, he has a net worth of $5.3-billion since January 2017.